Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whimsical Spaces

I think every home should have at least one whimsical space... one's escape from reality... here are some examples that I loved...hope you do too...they don't need to cost a lot... 

and you can turn an existing room into a room of magical whimsy with a lot of candlelight.. I like to use candles and fairy lights ....

and if you want to bring the same idea outdoors... it works there too

here is a perfect spot to hide away with your morning tea or coffee and a good book

or a spot for a tea party ....have always loved outdoor living rooms...

If you are a morning is a lovely whimsical space to sleep


  1. Have you designed these ?

  2. I have done very similar things in my own homes over the years.. I love a bit of whimsy in a home... :) not exactly the same but very similar... I adore candles and fairy lights... I think lighting is key to so much... certainly a mood that you want to achieve... I like to collect images and take inspiration from them

  3. Any idea who the manufacturer is of the sectional or where i might be able to buy it?