Thursday, March 14, 2013

Child Clutter

For those of us with kids... the bane of one's existence is child clutter.. how does one organize it in a practical way that is still the kids room, and yet neat, tidy and pleasing to the eye... here are a few ideas

Colours are great.. cheerful and clean.. and love the utilization of space

love an organized wardrobe

baskets and containers are lifesavers as far as clutter is concerned

No need to suppress the artist in your child .. with this idea, putting away the "tools" of the trade is easy

these baskets make clearing up a cinch!

And if you are obsessive about organizing... perhaps colour coding your baskets?

babies and toddlers are tough with so many little things..but here is a beautiful idea

Hope these images inspired you. I am taking on projects to help people with idea to decorate. So if you need help please write to me at Right now am dealing with clients in Vietnam.. but am willing to travel 


  1. My wife and daughter would love this. They accuse me of leaving my things all over the place.

  2. :) there are many different ideas of what to do with clutter... shall post at some point.. hope you find them helpful :)