Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Doors

On my first trip to Paris many years ago..I was astounded by the abandon with which colour was splashed everywhere in the houses... and for the first time saw how front doors could be wildly colored.. Blue is one of my favourite color choices for the front door

And so is red. I have actually done this at one of the early apartments I lived in. Always makes for a cheerful entrance... trick is choosing the right shade of red taking into consideration what kind of light the area gets.. The Chinese believe it brings good luck

This is the kind of thing one would see at a mosque.. very rarely in anyone's home..unless its an old traditional home

I just love how different colour elements have been worked together to create a picture perfect entrance

and ethnic doors have always held a special place in my heart.. if you are lucky enough to have an original antique....hold on to it... or let me know if you want to sell it... if you aren't... there are carpenters out there who could replicate one for you...

or try combining ethnic with color

But if that is not your style... and clean lines are...


love how this is contemporary yet... unusual


  1. Wow. What an assortment of doors. Love the red coloured door. I will ask my wife if she would agree to paint our front door.

  2. Colour really does transform a space... and a door is a good place to start..

  3. Visit Mexico if you like brightly colored exteriors.

  4. I would love to visit Mexico some day...its on my bucket list !! :)