Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dining Table Settings

Since this is the season everyone loves to entertain...actually we love to entertain all year round...thought it may be good to have dining table setting ideas to share with you

lovely spring colours mirrored in the foliage on the table

Though the above image is beautiful I would use it as inspiration but be careful of flower decorations that are too high on the table as we all know how annoying that is for conversations...

A great way to spruce up a table is by using shiny sparklies in goblets around the table...

If you ever wondered where to place everything for a formal dinner...

this is one example.. and the setting that I am most familiar with...some cultures do it slightly differently..just depends where you come from...


  1. I appreciate your work.Thanks for sharing.The art of table setting is timeless.Setting up a dining table is relevant even when you are just enjoying a casual or fine dining with family and friends. It shows how important and special they are to you.

  2. Thank you... absolutely...great way to show you care :)

  3. Hi Ayeshah, love your table setting-desperatley wanting to know where can I find that gorgeous tablecloth. It seems to be an organdi or organza one. Could you share that info.