Sunday, December 30, 2012

Clever Storage Ideas

Homes somehow seem to collect stuff... and for the most part I try to get rid of things that I do not use...classic rule of thumb..if you haven't used it in a year... most people say 6 months...I go for a year...then you will never use throw it away. For the stuff that is are some ideas

I think this is such a clever idea.. right now the space under our staircase at home I have converted into the pantry...which was pretty handy too....

Its always tough to know what to do with is a clever more wasted space

Another idea for under the stairs...

So what if you don't have a walk in closet... 

that's it for today...but if you like I would love for you to share your pics of your home with me ... if there is a space in your home that you have either redone... or decorated and would like everyone to see... please mail it in to and the best ones will get put up on the blog...Happy new year!

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