Sunday, December 30, 2012

Clever Storage Ideas

Homes somehow seem to collect stuff... and for the most part I try to get rid of things that I do not use...classic rule of thumb..if you haven't used it in a year... most people say 6 months...I go for a year...then you will never use throw it away. For the stuff that is are some ideas

I think this is such a clever idea.. right now the space under our staircase at home I have converted into the pantry...which was pretty handy too....

Its always tough to know what to do with is a clever more wasted space

Another idea for under the stairs...

So what if you don't have a walk in closet... 

that's it for today...but if you like I would love for you to share your pics of your home with me ... if there is a space in your home that you have either redone... or decorated and would like everyone to see... please mail it in to and the best ones will get put up on the blog...Happy new year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Beautiful Bedrooms

And of course bedrooms... I love clean lines.. light... color... I think they are important elements to keep in  mind... I love the exotic.. these are some of my dream bedrooms...

Can you tell I love four poster beds ?

Aside from the white fluffy nonsense.. this is a nice cozy space..

Beautiful Bathrooms

Dream bathroom should be an oasis.. where you can wash away the worries of the world.....

Of course not everyone has the luxury of wide open spaces like above... but you can still get the outdoors in with a cleverly placed window/skylight

The picture below is one of my personal favourite designs... complete with a private patio outside

If you prefer a more exotic and femine looking bathroom perhaps something like this?

But I love bringing the outdoors in... makes for a soothing atmosphere..reminds me of my aunts place in Spain

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Closet Spaces

Another stack of pics I have been saving for whenever we finally build our own space.. is of course closet spaces.. ideally ... has to be walk in wardrobes of course... in an ideal world

Contemporary Closet design

This one is a favourite of mine.. love the clean lines..

Traditional Other design

And if we have the luxury to have our very own walk in closets...this will be for my husband

Living Spaces

I love open plans... and if ever I build my own home inshallah... these are some of the ideas from my dream book... an architect's nightmare I know..(all my architect friends tell me  how they hate when people bring their own pictures of their dream house to the table..but tis a dream nonetheless

Traditional Living Room design by Toronto Interior Designer Staples Design Group

Eclectic living spaces is definitely my style... should look welcoming and stylish...

Or how about this mediterranean look?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Balconies... Past and present

A place to capture all the places and spaces I love inspire...or simply admire..

A balcony window in Pakistan..... 

Balconies in Spain

Great way to beautify a small balcony.....

last idea for today's modern much smaller balconies as sadly its hard to emulate the oppulance of the beautiful balconies of the past like the ones shown from Pakistan and Spain